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Giovanni Formato

Director of the Apiculture Laboratory

Giovanni Formato is a veterinarian (DVM). He is the coordinator of the Horizon EU project "Best practices and innovations for a sustainable beekeeping" (acronym B-THENET) Thematic Network. To set-up the first platform for EU beekeepers on best beekeeping practices for sustainable beekeeping. 

Is expertise is on "Food inspection of animal products", and on "bee disease and management". Since 1998 he is working in the Official Laboratory of Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana “M. Aleandri” (IZSLT), that is part of the Italian National Health Service. 

Since 2009, Giovanni Formato is the person in charge for the Apiculture laboratory of IZSLT (DG 210/2021). Here he is mainly involved in diagnostic, training and research activities. He collaborates with Government Institutions, Universities, other laboratories and International Organizations (FAO, WOAH). Currently he is in charge for IZSLT for the "Research and international cooperation for the development of sustainable beekeeping" sector. 

Since 2020, Giovanni is i n charge of the FAO Reference Centre for Bee health and Food Security of beehive products.

Giovanni Formato
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