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Time to bee coherent for a buzzing future

EU Pollinator Week 2023 28-30 November


Programme 2023

The Conference

Three Days of Powerful Talks
28-30 November 2023

From 2012, the European Bee and Pollination Week, informally named "Bee Week", was held every year in the European Parliament in Brussels. In 2021, the event was renamed to EU Pollinator Week in an effort to achieve a more inclusive framework of cooperation which focuses on all types of European pollinators. The 2023 EU Pollinator week will take place between 28-30 November. Through the productive and insightful three days discussing pollinator health, we aim to spread the buzz of the newest science and policy actions regarding existing challenges and potential solutions for the protection of European pollinators!

The Conference
Collecting Pollen from Flower

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